Carrie Heffernan
Leah Remini as Carrie
Vital statistics
Legal Secretary (Seasons 1-6)
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Doug Heffernan
Related to: Arthur Spooner (father)
Sophia Spooner (mother, deceased)
Lily Spooner (stepmother; formerly)
Tessie Spooner (stepmother; formerly)
Sara Spooner (half-sister)
Ming-May & Bobby Heffernan (children)
Veronica Olchin (stepmother; formerly)
Spence Olchin (stepbrother; formerly)
Character information
Appeared on: King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: Seasons 1-8
Character played by: Leah Remini
Madison Lanc (young)
Alexa Lanc (young)
Rhiannon Leigh Wynn (young)

The beginning Edit

Carrie Heffernan was born as Simone, on September 11, 1969 in Manhattan, New York. However, her father, Arthur, lost the right to her name in a poker game with Uncle Chester; after which she took the name of Chester’s daughter. Her mother, Sophia, died when Carrie was 15. She later married her husband, Douglas.

In high school, Carrie participated in a chess competition with some of her friends. She was a straight A student, and was often praise for being well behaved. Carrie had to work through High School, to help her father, who bounced around between jobs.

Family HistoryEdit

  • Her father, Arthur Spooner, lives in her basement after losing his home in a fire.
  • Carrie originally had a sister named Sara (portrayed by Lisa Rieffel) who moved in along with Arthur, but she was written out at the end of first season.
  • Carrie has two children with Douglas in the series finale. They have an adopted daughter, Ming-May and biological son Bobby.

Career Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Her original name was Simone, but Arthur lost the name in a poker game with Uncle Chester.
  • Carrie learned how to play ping pong from her father and is able to beat her husband, Doug, in the game.
  • She is very ticklish, as she was tickled into laughter in several episodes.
  • Her favorite color is cyan.
  • She has a kind Heart although her hard Shell.


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