Main CharactersEdit

  • Doug Heffernan - Driver at IPS Packaging
  • Carrie Heffernan - Wife of Doug Heffernan
  • Arthur Spooner - Carries's irascible father, father-in-law of Doug
  • Deacon Palmer - Doug's best friend, who happens to be Black
  • Spence Olchin - another friend of Doug's, who is often viewed as the nerd of the group
  • Danny Heffernan - Doug's cousin, who becomes best friends with and a roommate of Spence after getting employed at IPS with Doug

Minor supporting charactersEdit

  • Richie Lannucci - FDNY firefighter, one of Doug's closest friends in Seasons 1-3
  • Lou Ferrigno - co-star of the 1978-82 series The Incredible Hulk with BIll Bixby, stars as himself as he and wife Carla move next door to the Heffernans in Season 3
  • Carla Ferrigno - along with husband Lou, plays herself
  • Denise Battaglia - Spence Olchin's on again, off again girlfriend
  • Holly Shumpert - A friend of Carrie's who's a professional dog walker, who also looks after Arthur at times and the Palmer's sons
  • Janet Heffernan - Doug's mother, talented poker player
  • Joe Heffernan - Doug's irasible, opinionated father, electric train enthusiast
  • Kelly Palmer - Deacon's wife and Carrie's best friend
  • Major Palmer - Kelly and Deacon's younger son
  • Kirby Palmer - The Palmers' older son
  • Sara Spooner - Carrie's somewhat irresponsible younger half-sister who made mostly brief appeareances in several episodes in Season one after appearing in a big part in the pilot episode         
  • Veronica Olchin - Mother of Spence Olchin                                 
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