David Bickel is a writer, writing for The King of Queens.

Episodes writtenEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • "Assaulted Nuts"
  • "Parent Trapped"
  • "Roamin' Holiday" (with Ben Wexler)
  • "Surprise Artie"

Season 3Edit

  • "Strike Too"
  • "Work Related"
  • "Hi-Def Jam" (with Ilana Wernick)
  • "Horizontal Hold" (with Ilana Wernick)
  • "Swim Neighbors" (with Ilana Wernick)

Season 4Edit

  • "Friender Bender"
  • "Ticker Treat"
  • "Hero Worship" (with Chris Downey)
  • "Two Thirty"

Season 5Edit

  • "Mammary Lane"
  • "Flash Photography"
  • "Mentalo Case"
  • "Queens'bro Bridge"
  • "Dog Shelter" (with Ilana Wernick)

Season 6Edit

  • "Dreading Vows"
  • "Dougie Houser"
  • "Trash Talker"

Season 7Edit

  • "Awed Couple"
  • "Gym Neighbors"
  • "Wish Boned" (with Michael J. Weithorn)

Season 8Edit

  • "Sandwiched Out" (with Nick Bakay)
  • "Apartment Complex"
  • "Buggie Nights" (with Chris Downey)
  • "Knee Jerk" (teleplay, with Chris Downey; story by Amy Gershwin)
  • "Hartford Wailer" (story, with Chris Downey; teleplay by Giuseppe Graziano)

Season 9Edit

  • "Ruff Goin'" (with Chris Downey)
  • "Brace Yourself" (with Chris Downey)
  • "Offensive Fowl" (with Chris Downey)
  • "Single Spaced" (teleplay, with Chris Downey; story by Ilana Wernick)