Ray and Debra King of Queens

Ray (Ray Romano) and Debra Barone (Patricia Heaton) both appear in the episode "Dire Strayts" (#2.8).

Debra Barone
appeared in the King of Queens episode "Dire Strayts"(Season 2, episode #8). Played by actress Patricia Heaton on "The King of Queens's" sister series, CBS's Everybody Loves Raymond, Debra is the wife of Ray Barone (played by Ray Romano), who is also Doug Heffernan's friend. She was raised by wealthy parents, Lois (played by Katherine Helmond, of ABC-TV's hit 70's sitcom "Soap" on ELR) and Warren (played by Robert Culp, of CBS-TV's 1960's hit TV drama series I Spy on ELR ) Whalen, and grew up in an upper-class background, unlike the other major characters in the sitcom. She has a sister, Jennifer Whalen, who is seen only once in the entire series. Following her graduation from high school, she traveled a lot and dated many famous sportspeople. Before marrying Ray, she worked in public relations for the New York Rangers hockey team.

Debra is emotional and very sensitive. She is stressed out as a housewife, having to put up not only with Ray’s corny jokes and seemingly unhelpful attitude, but more with his obnoxious, family members, who often barge in uninvited, leaving emotional havoc in their wake. Though Ray's parents frustrate her, she rarely shows her feelings to them, resulting in occasional bursts in private of yelling, stomping, and throwing objects.

Debra is frequently at odds with sometimes meddling mother-in-law Marie (Doris Roberts), who shows a large amount of distaste of her ability to be a mother and a wife. Throughout the series, Debra often finds Robert the most understanding of the Barones, at times, she is even shown to get along well with Frank, who thinks of her as a daughter and understands her attitude toward his wife. Debra’s hairstyles and wardrobe continually changed throughout the course of the series.