Kelly Palmer
Deacon and Kelly Palmer
Deacon and Kelly Palmer in the episode "Home Cheapo" from "King of Queens"
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Born: (1971-05-23) May 23, 1971 (age 47)
Housewife/Office Assistant
Best friend of Carrie Heffernan/ She and Deacon often suffer friction in relationship; once separated in process of divorce, they reconcile by the series finale episode
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Deacon Palmer
Related to: sons Kirby Palmer and Major Palmer
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: 40 in total from 1998-2007
Character played by: Merrin Dungey
Arthur & Kelly

Arthur & Kelly

Kelly Palmer is Deacon Palmer's wife (most of the time she is, when not separated or estranged from him). She is very similar in temperament and personal tastes to Carrie Heffernan, her best friend, and former high school classmate. She and Deacon have two sons: Major Palmer and Kirby Palmer. Kelly is played by actress Merrin Dungey

Friends of the PalmersEdit

  • Doug Heffernan - Deacon's best friend, also in one episode, began to become chummy with Deacon's wife Kelly, going to ballgames and movies all the time.
  • Carrie Heffernan - Best friends with Kelly, has babysat for the Palmers numerous times.
  • Spence Olchin (Patton Oswalt) - Also one of Doug's close friends, Doug, Danny, Deacon all drive with him on a whim to Tennessee to try to stop a marriage between his ex-girlfriend and another man.
  • Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller) - Carrie's Dad, also has babysat for the Palmers numerous times.
  • Danny Heffernan (Gary Valentine) - Doug's cousin, also one of Doug's close friends who begins working at IPS after a pizzeria which he owned burns down in the series' fourth season.