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King of Queens: Season 4
Season 4 box cover
First episode aired:
"Walk, Man", aired September 24, 2001
Season finale aired:
"Shrink Wrap", on May 20, 2002
Episodes aired:
25 aired during Season 4
Previous Season:
Season 3
Next Season:
Season 5

This Season 4 episode guide is the episode listing for the fourth season of King of Queens after Season 3. The first episode of the season, Walk, Man, premiered on September 24, 2001. The season finale was the second of a two episode story, Shrink Wrap, which was aired on May 20, 2002.


Episode Guide[]

Season 4 (2001-2002)[]

Season 4 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod. Code
Coming Soon.jpg 1 76 "Walk, Man" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller September 24, 2001 401
In an effort to spend more time with Carrie, Doug hires Holly (Nicole Sullivan) to walk Arthur. The plan backfires, however when Carrie starts spending more on her own endeavors than with Doug.
Coming Soon.jpg 2 77 "Sight Gag" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller October 1, 2001 403
Doug surprises Carrie with laser eye surgery for her birthday. In an effort to save money, he chooses a cheaper doctor which results in a very worried couple when her sight does not return properly.
Coming Soon.jpg 3 78 "Mean Streak" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller October 8, 2001 402
Doug is on course to break the record for the number of days without an "incident" - no complaints and no broken packages. The older members of the IPS depot aren't too happy that Doug is going to break the record held by their friend.
Coming Soon.jpg 4 79 "Friendier Bender" David Bickel Rob Schiller October 15, 2001 404
Following Kelly and Carrie to dinner, Doug, with passenger Deacon, accidentally hits Kelly's car while sneaking a peek at a strip club.
Coming Soon.jpg 5 80 "No Retreat" Rock Reuben James Widdoes October 22, 2001 405
Carrie brings Doug to her company retreat for the weekend. Carrie tries to get Doug to look like a successful person, but he puts on a bad show. Doug tells Carrie that he will try to work harder to help get her a promotinon; He even tells one of the senior partners that he climbed Mt. Everest!
Coming Soon.jpg 6 81 "Ticker Treat" David Bickel James Widdoes October 29, 2001 406
Arthur has a minor heart attack after being frightened by Doug on Halloween.
Coming Soon.jpg 7 82 "Lyin' Hearted" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller November 5, 2001 407
While Arthur is in the hospital, Carrie starts doubting that she still loves her father. After looking in his room and finding a letter sent by Florida State University accepting her onto a course, It is revealed that Arthur hid this for his own selfish reasons.
Coming Soon.jpg 8 83 "Life Sentence" Chris Parrish Rob Schiller November 12, 2001 408
Doug and Carrie decide to install a hidden camera in the basement to monior Arthur.
Coming Soon.jpg 9 84 "Varied Threat" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller November 19, 2001 409
In this episode, the time is set before Doug and Carrie's marriage. Carrie is very nervous to be married to Doug. She can not stop vomiting. When the two meet with the priest, he remembers that Doug and Carrie met at camp as kids. When Doug tells his family, his cousin Danny says it wasn't Doug that Carrie fell on, but it was him. Doug was at "fat" camp that year. In the meantime, Arthur can not pay for the wedding and lets Doug's parents pay. He spends way toomuch money. Doug cannot get the courage to tell Carrie the truth about the story. This story is the only thing that makes her feel comfortable. He ends up telling her right before they get married, which causes Carrie to throw up.
Coming Soon.jpg 10 85 "Oxy Moron" Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller November 26, 2001 410
When Doug and Carrie's plane makes a rough landing, Doug takes the oxygen mask all for himself. However, their plane was on the ground. In an arguemnt afterwards, Carrie becomes upset that Doug would not help her if she was in danger. Thus, in an attempt to end the arguement and patch things up,with her, Doug tries his hardest to think of a time when he helped Carrie. Meanwhile, Spence moves in with Doug's cousin Danny.
Coming Soon.jpg 11 86 "Depo Man" Chris Downey & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller December 10, 2001 411
Carrie's boss requests her to get Doug to be an expert witness in a court case, however, Carrie feels unsure on how he will do. Spence and Danny have a house warming party to celebrate their moving in together. Danny meets Holly, and he wants to ask to take her out on a date, but Spence asserts that he shouldn't.
Coming Soon.jpg 12 87 "Ovary Action" Richard J. Feinstein Rob Schiller December 17, 2001 412
Doug and Carrie want to conceive, but receive another negative pregnancy result. When it is revealed that Carrie only has one working ovary, they find they must get started soon; however, their efforts are hindered when Doug's parents visit.
Coming Soon.jpg 13 88 "Food Fight" Chris Downey Rob Schiller January 7, 2002 413
Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend recruits Doug to test her culinary work.
Coming Soon.jpg 14 89 "Double Downer" Jeff Stein Rob Schiller January 14, 2002 414
Deacon asks Doug to come along to Atlantic City for a weekend. Carrie wants to go salsa dancing with him, but grudgingly concurs with Doug's wishes and goes with them to Atlantic City. However, Deacon has sent a message that he will not be coming. Doug's boss, O'Boyle, on the other hand, did arrive there in Atlantic City, on a vacation trip there. In the end though, Deacon changes his mind and also arrives there, but with the bad news that his wife Kelly left him and took the kids. 
Coming Soon.jpg 15 90 "Dougie Nights" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller February 4, 2002 415
Carrie persuades Doug to take Deacon to a nightclub to cheer him up, but it's Doug who really gets into the scene.
Coming Soon.jpg 16 91 "No Orleans" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller February 25, 2002 416
Doug and Carrie sneak off to New Orleans without Doug's cousins after reneging on a deal to travel with them. The trip turns into a struggle to stop the family members knowing.
Coming Soon.jpg 17 92 "Missing Links" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller March 4, 2002 417
Carrie's work has an annual golf trip, but Doug and Carrie used to always take Deacon and Kelly. Now that Deacon and Kelly have split up, Doug and Carrie have to try to find another couple to invite to the golf trip before Deacon meets a woman named Leslie (Angelle Brooks) and now he can also go on the trip, where he bring along Leslie, too. Carrie meets Leslie and has a hard time clicking with her, but Doug, however, immediately clicks with her and her boistrous laugh. Meanwhile, Holly agrees to watch Deacon's kids while is on the golf trip with Doug and Carrie, but she also has to bring Arthur along, too.
Coming Soon.jpg 18 93 "Hero Worship" David Bickel & Chris Downey James Widdoes March 18, 2002 418
Uncle Stu (Gavin McLeod) is willing to pay for Doug's dream of owning his own sandwich shoppe, but Carrie doesn't think that it is a very good idea, because of Doug's lack of business sense, but is afraid to tell him. At the hearing of father Stu's willingness to financially back Doug, Danny becomes upset with Stu, saying he should back him, and his dream to open a similar shop, instead.
Coming Soon.jpg 19 94 "Screwed Driver" Rock Reuben James Widdoes March 25, 2002 419
Carrie goes on a business trip to Chicago when Doug's parents decide to visit for a week trip. When Doug is at work, his boss O'Doyle tells him and his fellow IPS drivers that they are required to take a test on the job; Doug becomes worried about passing the test while taking care of his vacationing parents. But Doug's mother Janet makes it easier for him by taking care of the household as well as Doug and his father; in the process, it makes Doug feel as if he is a teen again.
Coming Soon.jpg 20 95 "Lush Life" Tony Sheehan James Widdoes April 8, 2002 420
Carrie starts joining a colleague for after-work cocktails and Doug realizes she's less abrasive when she returns home. When Carrie has a row with her co-worker, Doug and Arthur hatch up a plot to conspire to keep her a little tipsy---until neighbor Lou Ferrigno spills the beans to Carrie, and she becomes angrier than ever!!
Coming Soon.jpg 21 96 "Bun Dummy" Chris Downey & Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller April 29, 2002 421
Doug and Spence have attend a high school reunion, but Spence doesn't want to go because he had a relationship that ended very badly. Doug is looking foward to the reunion, until Carrie starts wearing a new hairdo, which is in a tight bun that looks like a nerdy librarian's hairstyle. So then Doug is afraid that she will wear her hair like that at the reunion.
Coming Soon.jpg 22 97 "Patrons Ain't" Ilana Wernick James Widdoes May 6, 2002 422
Doug and Carrie donate enough money to Kirby's school library to become patrons of it; however, on the plaque they receive, they are only listed as friends, and not as patrons. Doug, who doesn't want to make a big deal of it has an arguement with Carrie over it. Carrie thinks that the error is such a big deal that once the school board finds out about the mistake, they release "the dear sweet woman who handled the money that was donated", instead.
Coming Soon.jpg 23 98 "Eddie Money (episode)" Story by: Kevin James
Teleplay by:
Rock Reuben & Mike Soccio
Rob Schiller May 13, 2002 423
Doug takes a one hundred dollars from his and Carrie's savings stash to bet on boxing. When he and Deacon win $5,000 in Atlantic City, he must hide the winnings from Carrie, so they set out to blow the entire amount in one day, which includes having pop-rock singer Eddie Money give them a private concert! 
Coming Soon.jpg 24 99 "Two Thirty" David Bickel Rob Schiller May 20, 2002 425
Doug suspects that his dentist Dr. Farber (Tim Matheson) is purposely hurting him during his visits, because the dentist once had a thing for Carrie. Also, Arthur volunteers to teach Deacon's son to play the piano, despite the fact that he does not know anything about the instrument.  
Coming Soon.jpg 25 100 "Shrink Wrap" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller May 20, 2002 424
Carrie's and Arthur's constant fighting is starting to frustrate Doug, so Arthur is taken to a therapist (William Hurt) to discuss why he has to yell and act up all the time. Arthur's problems stem from his childhood, by neglected by his father (Ben Stiller). After Arthur is cured, Doug and Carrie realize Arthur wasn’t the only one with issues, so they take turns dealing with problems of their own. (Note: This is the top-rated The King of Queens episode on IMDb)