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King of Queens: Season 5
Season 5 King of Queens DVD box cover
First episode aired:
"Arthur Spooner", on September 23, 2002
Season finale aired:
"Bed Spread", on May 19, 2003
Episodes aired:
25 aired during Season 5
Previous Season:
Season 4
Next Season:
Season 6

The Season 5 guide is the episode listing for the fifth season of King of Queens after Season 4. The first episode of the season, Arthur, Spooner, premiered on September 23, 2002. The season finale was the second of a two episode story, Bed Spread, which was aired on May 19, 2003.


Episode Guide[]

Season 5 (2002–2003)[]

Season 5 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod. code
Coming Soon.jpg 1 101 "Arthur, Spooner" Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller September 23, 2002 501
Doug gets Arthur to accompany him in his bed because he can't sleep without Carrie.
Coming Soon.jpg 2 102 "Window Pain" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller September 30, 2002 502
After their neighbors hear Doug & Carrie in a big fight, Carrie tries to convince the neighbors, Mike (Michael Lowry) and Debi (Marcia Cross) that they are better than that; Arthur gets Spence to let him ride the subway for free. 
Coming Soon.jpg 3 103 "Holy Mackerel" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller October 7, 2002 503
After Carrie receives a bonus after a prayer in church, Carrie starts praying for many things (mostly petty), Doug is disgusted but soon sees the light and joins in on Carrie's "prayer spree".
Coming Soon.jpg 4 104 "Kurbed Enthusiasm" Kevin James & Rock Reuben Rob Schiller October 14, 2002 504
Deacon complains to Doug about how much his son Kirby hates football, so he enlists Doug to play football again to encourage Kirby. 
Coming Soon.jpg 5 105 "Mammary Lane" David Bickel Rob Schiller October 21, 2002 505
Carrie accepts a job given out by her boss, babysitting for his child. Even though his child is already about 4 years old, he constantly keeps grabbing her breasts; After seeing Denise (Rachel Dratch) an unattractive woman working at the bowling alley, Doug throws her a "mercy flirt" but the woman mistakes it for sexual harassment.
Coming Soon.jpg 6 106 "Business Affairs" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller October 28, 2002 506
Doug gets jealous because someone calls Carrie's new work friend, Kurt her "work husband" even though Kurt is gay. 
Coming Soon.jpg 7 107 "Flame Resistant" Rock Reuben Rob Schiller November 4, 2002 507
After Doug bumps in to his old girlfriend Margy (Lola Glaudini), she and Doug's mom (Jenny O'Hara) spend lots of time together making Carrie jealous. After Doug recalls a song he wrote for his old girlfriend about 15 years previous, Margy insists he did not finish it, but Doug tries to prove her wrong.
Coming Soon.jpg 8 108 "Flash Photography" David Bickel Henry Chan November 11, 2002 508
At a wedding, Doug is bored and Deacon recalls a story of his own wedding where someone took a photo of their behind. Doug gets inspired and takes a disposable camera into the restroom and tries to copy the story only this time it's his "be-front"!
Coming Soon.jpg 9 109 "Connect Four" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller November 18, 2002 509
After Carrie receives some tickets to some sports games from her boss, She tries to find a couple to go with her and Doug. Carrie finds a couple but Doug does not like her husband and Doug finds a couple but Carrie does not like the wife, so Carrie to come up with the idea of a "Franken-couple".
Coming Soon.jpg 10 110 "Loaner Car" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller November 25, 2002 510
Doug enjoys the "single life" alone at the house after he lends Carrie out to Deacon during Thanksgiving to help him out.
Coming Soon.jpg 11 111 "Mentalo Case" David Bickel John Fortenberry December 16, 2002 511
At Christmas time, Doug remembers a toy he had as a child so he tries to buy one on eBay but Carrie prevents him because he wanted to pay $180. Doug later goes to a toy convention with Spence to try to track one down. After a sequence of events, Doug thinks Deacon bought him the toy. Carrie thinks Holly bought her a leather jacket, because Arthur gets Holly to disclose Carrie's gift to him. 
Coming Soon.jpg 12 112 "Jung Frankenstein" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller January 6, 2003 512
After a successful visit to a therapist (Dave Foley) about Doug's over-eating Carrie gets the therapist to work on other problems Doug has without Doug knowing.
Coming Soon.jpg 13 113 "Attention Deficit" Chris Downey Rob Schiller January 20, 2003 513
Carrie gets mad at Doug for not asking about her job evaluation and at that the fact that he never thinks of her because heis too busy planning his Super Bowl party.
Coming Soon.jpg 14 114 "Prints Charming" Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller February 3, 2003 514
Doug and Carrie pick up some of their photos, but soon they find out, it's not their photos, but photos of another couple, Carrie gets upset after realizing this couple is much more exciting and active then they are. Later, Carrie begins to make Doug join her in different activities.
Coming Soon.jpg 15 115 "Animal Attraction" Rock Reuben Rob Schiller February 10, 2003 515
On Valentine's Day, Carrie has to cancel dinner with Doug because he and Deacon have to deliver 2 penguins to Albany. Holly is recently dumped so Carrie takes her out to a nightclub in hopes of cheering her up. Arthur and Spence spend their Valentine's Day at Arthur's senior center. 
Coming Soon.jpg 16 116 "Golden Moldy" Tony Sheehan James Widdoes February 17, 2003 516
While on vacation, Arthur calls Doug to tell him he discovered that the house is mold-damaged and the repair bill is $7,000.
Coming Soon.jpg 17 117 "S'Poor House" Michael Weithorn James Widdoes February 24, 2003 517
Doug and Carrie find out they have $12,000 worth in mold damage in their house (more than the original estimate) so Doug asks his dad (Dakin Matthews) for the money. Before handing over the money, he looks through receipts, and soon discovers that Carrie has spent large amounts on clothes.
Coming Soon.jpg 18 118 "Steve Moscow" Chris Downey Rob Schiller March 10, 2003 518
Doug and Carrie hire Steve (Charles Rocket) and his group of Russian mold employees to repair their damage, but it takes much longer and costs more than they expected. 
Coming Soon.jpg 19 119 "Cowardly Lyin" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller March 31, 2003 519
Doug wants to avoid going to an opera planned by Carrie, so he lies and says he was working late. After Carrie finds out about his lie, Doug admits that he lies because he is scared of her.
Coming Soon.jpg 20 120 "Driving Reign" Rock Reuben & Mike Soccio James Widdoes April 14, 2003 520
After Danny gets a job working at IPS with Doug, he is able to do Doug's route faster than Doug can. Holly makes the mistake of giving Arthur a mini-trophy that says "World's Best Grandfather", because Arthur would rather be more like a father to her. 
Coming Soon.jpg 21 121 "Clothes Encounter" Chris Downey James Widdoes April 21, 2003 521
Carrie discovers a "loop hole" in the system, where she has up to 30 days to return items she purchases. Soon, it gets out of hand and she fills up her entire office with a temporary wardrobe. 
Coming Soon.jpg 22 122 "Queens'bro Bridge" David Bickel James Widdoes April 28, 2003  522
Doug finds out that Arthur owns inherited property where there is a house built, but there's just one problem, it's co-owned by his hated half-brother, Skitch (Shelley Berman). Doug attempts to reunite the brothers in an attempt to have Arthur move out.
Coming Soon.jpg 23 123 "Dog Shelter" David Bickel & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller May 5, 2003 523
After a visit at his parents' house, Doug finds out that his dog has died and been replaced 3 times. Plus, Doug is informed by his parents that he was born in Montreal, Quebec. 
Coming Soon.jpg 24 124 "Taste Buds" Story by:
Trevor Dellecave
Teleplay by:
Tony Sheehan
Rob Schiller May 12, 2003` 524
Doug tricks Arthur into asking Carrie for things that Doug actually likes because Carrie is more apt to listening to Arthur. 
Coming Soon.jpg 25 125 "Bed Spread" Owen Ellickson Rob Schiller May 19, 2003 525
After their bed gets destroyed, Doug and Carrie sleep in separate beds and enjoy their time apart from each other.