King of Queens: Season 6
Season 6 box cover
First episode aired:
"Doug less (Parts 1 & 2)", on October 3, 2003
Season finale aired:
"Awful Bigamy", on May 19, 2004
Episodes aired:
24 aired during Season 6
Previous Season:
Season 5
Next Season:
Season 7

This Season 6 guide is the episode listing for the sixth season of King of Queens, The first episode of the season, Doug less (Parts 1 & 2), premiered on October 3, 2003. The season finale was the second of a two episode story, Awful Bigamy, which was aired on May 19, 2004.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 6 (2003-2004)Edit

Season 6
Image Title Original airdate Written by Directed by Episode # Episode Total # Prod. cude
Coming Soon "Doug less (Part 1)" October 1, 2003 Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller 126  601
Doug takes Carrie on a trip to a lakeside hotel in celebration of his recent weight loss, only later to find it wasn't Carrie that he took previously.
Coming Soon "Doug less (Part 2)" October 1, 2003 Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller 2 127 602
Doug and Carrie end up lost in the woodland and go their separate ways, only to reunite at the end. 
Coming Soon "King Pong" October 8, 2003 Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 3 128 603
Doug becomes crazed with winning when Arthur buys a new ping pong table. 
Coming Soon "Dreading Vows" October 15, 2003 David Bickel Rob Schiller 4 129 604
Doug and Carrie go through hell to prepare their vow-renewal ceremony
Coming Soon "Nocturnal Omission" October 22, 2003 Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller 5 130 605
Deacon finds the opportunity to sleep with a very attractive woman; knowing this, Doug finds out that Kelly wishes to get back with Deacon.
Coming Soon "Affidavit Justice" October 29, 2003 Kevin James & Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 6 131 606
Doug pretends to work at Carrie's law firm to play on the company's softball team.
Coming Soon "Secret Garden" November 12, 2003 Chris Downey Ken Whittingham 7 132 607
Danny becomes the landscaper for Carrie's new gynaecologist Dr. Crawford (Judge Reinhold), which turns out to be trouble when he overcharges the doctor for the work. 
Coming Soon "Eggsit Strategy" November 19, 2003 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 8 133 608
Carrie fears she may lose her job after hearing that the company is intent on firing the "dead wood". 
Coming Soon "Thanks Man" November 26, 2003 Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller 9 134 609
A stranger wearing an eye patch (Nick Offerman) waiting outside makes for a tense Thanksgiving dinner with friends at the Heffernan house. 
Coming Soon "American Idle" December 3, 2003 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 10 135 610
After applying for many jobs and constantly being rejected, Carrie decides to stop searching and intends to complete other things in her life. Shortly after however, she becomes lazy, depressed and spends all her time at home. 
Coming Soon "Santa Claustrophobia" December 17, 2003 Owen Ellickson Rob Schiller 11 136 601
Carrie gets a temp job at IPS, and Doug feels she's around him all the time. Meanwhile, Arthur wants a family Christmas photo and will have anybody in it with him.
Coming Soon "Dougie Howser" January 7, 2004 David Bickel Rob Schiller 12 137 612
Doug and Carrie look back on how they got their house.
Coming Soon "Frigid Heirs" January 14, 2004 Jenna Bruce Rob Schiller 13 138 613
 Doug and Carrie scam Arthur out of his Bingo winnings.
Coming Soon "Switch Hitters" February 11, 2004 Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 14 139 614
Doug and Carrie get Deacon and Kelly to babysit Arthur in exchange for them babysitting Kirby and Major.
Coming Soon "Cheap Saks" February 11, 2004 Chris Downey Rob Schiller 15 140 615
Carrie befriends an old ex-girlfriend (Janeane Garofalo) that Doug treated poorly. Soon Carrie gets tired of her and uses her to get a discount at Saks Incorporated.
Coming Soon "Damned Yanky" February 18, 2004 Chris Downey Rob Schiller 16 141 616
Carrie learns that Doug has fantasies about other women and makes a specific list of the women that he should dream about.
Coming Soon "Multiple Plots" February 25, 2004 Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 17 142 617
In a trio plot: Arthur tries to sell his extra funeral plot. Meanwhile, Carrie takes up dog walking to earn some extra money, and Doug makes an interesting new friend on his new route.
Coming Soon "Trash Talker" March 3, 2004 David Bickel Rob Schiller 18 143 618
Doug's old grade school bully (Jon Favreau) becomes friends with Deacon. Doug cannot seem to let go of the past and continues his hatred for him, because he accused Doug of licking a trash can. Carrie backs her husband up until she realizes the man is a district attorney who might have a position for Carrie at his office.
Coming Soon "Precedent Nixin" March 17, 2004 Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller 19 144 619
Doug and Carrie convince Deacon and Kelly to go to Doug's parents.
Coming Soon "Foe: Pa" March 24, 2004 Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 20 145 620
When Arthur nearly costs Carrie a new job, he vows to set things right.
Coming Soon "Tank Heaven" April 7, 2004 Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 21 146 621
Doug scares away all of Carrie's friends from work. Meanwhile, Spence learns that women have a soft spot for guys who take care of the elderly and starts spending time with Arthur.
Coming Soon "Alter Ego" May 5, 2004 Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 22 147 622
Doug, Spence, Deacon, and Danny all drive on a whim to Memphis, so that lovesick Spence can possibly try to stop ex-girlfriend Denise's (Rachel Dratch) wedding to another man.
Coming Soon "Icky Shuffle" May 12, 2004 Chris Downey Rob Schiller 23 148 623
Doug helps Arthur compete in the senior's shuffle board competition against a rival (William Daniels). Meanwhile, Holly cooks for Carrie while she;s sick and Carrie milks it for all that it's worth.
Coming Soon "Awful Bigamy" May 19, 2004 Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller 24 149 624
Holly moves into Doug and Carrie's house when she is evicted. Doug then takes advantage of her by making her his "downstairs wife" for food and Carrie being his "upstairs wife" for sex.