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King of Queens: Season 7
Season 7 DVD box cover
First episode aired:
"Lost Vegas", aired September 27, 2004
Season finale aired:
"Buy Curious", on May 18, 2005
Episodes aired:
22 aired during Season 7
Previous Season:
Season 6
Next Season:
Season 8

The Season 7 guide has the episode listing for the seventh season of King of Queens after Season 6. The first episode of the season, Lost Vegas, premiered on October 27, 2004. The season finale was the second of a two episode story, Buy Curious, which was aired on May 18, 2005.


Episode Guide[]

Season 7 (2004–2005)[]

Season 7 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod. code
Coming Soon.jpg 1 150 "Lost Vegas" Tom Hertz Rob Schiller October 27, 2004 703
Doug takes Carrie to a spa in hopes that he will earn enough :wife credit: for Carrie to allow him to go on a trip to Las Vegas with his friends.
Coming Soon.jpg 2 151 "Dugan Groupie" Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller November 3, 2004 701
Doug feels lonely when Carrie enjoys her job after a recent promotion.
Coming Soon.jpg 3 152 "Furious Gorge" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller November 10, 2004 702
Doug learns that his over-eating is caused by Carrie's anger.
Coming Soon.jpg 4 153 "Entertainment Weakly" Mike Soccio Rob Schiller November 24, 2004 704
Doug gets outrageously jealous when a new driver is the center of attentioon doing comedy bits of celebrity impressions, so he sends him to the wrong route. However, after the driver gets brutally injured by a gang, Doug begins to feel very bad about it.
Coming Soon.jpg 5 154 "Name Dropper" Rock Reuben Rob Schiller December 1, 2004 705
Doug forgets the name of one of Carrie's work friends, so he fakes a heart attack to get out of the situation.
Coming Soon.jpg 6 155 "Offtrack Bedding" Nick Bakay Rob Schiller December 8, 2004 706
Doug becomes worried when his neglected mom Janet (Jenny O'Hara) starts spending time with Arthur (Jerry Stiller) while his dad Joe (Dakin Matthews) attends a model-train competition.
Coming Soon.jpg 7 156 "Silent Mite" Ilana Wernick Andy Cadiff December 15, 2004 707
Doug gets jealous when Carrie is hit on by a little person in the store. Later, Doug figures out the little person had stolen his wallet, but Carrie does not believe him because she thinks he just has it in for him because he was hitting on her. 
Coming Soon.jpg 8 157 "Awed Couple" David Bickel Rob Schiller January 5, 2005 708
Doug and Carrie go to great lengths to find a new couple to hang out with after Deacon and Kelly start spending time with another family.
Coming Soon.jpg 9 158 "Cologne Ranger" Rock Reuben Andrew D. Weyman January 12, 2005 709
Doug buys a new cologne that sees him getting a lot of attention from other women, but Carrie does not like it and asks him to bring it back to the store. However Doug continues to secretly wear it. 
Coming Soon.jpg 10 159 "Domestic Disturbance" Tony Sheehan Ken Whittingham January 19, 2005 710
Carrie hires a Mexican housekeeper, but the language barrier frustrates Doug, so he decides to hire Spence's mom (Anne Meara) as his own housekeeper. 
Coming Soon.jpg 11 160 "Pour Judgement" Owen Ellickson Rob Schiller January 26, 2005 711
Doug takes an aptitude test at IPS, and the results reignite an old dream of becoming a bartender. He decides to go to bartender school, against Carries' wishes. Carrie then changes her mind after seeing all the money that Doug received from tips and wants her dream of having a Manhattan apartment. 
Coming Soon.jpg 12 161 "Gym Neighbors" David Bickel Rob Schiller February 9, 2005 712
When Doug and Carrie start training with their neighbor Lou Ferrigno so Carrie could lose a few pounds, Doug works out a deal with Lou to laze around during his supposed execise time.
Coming Soon.jpg 13 162 "Gorilla Warfare" David Bickel Rob Schiller February 9, 2005 713
Carrie recalls what Doug said to her when they were dating that made her want to marry him, but then she learns a horrifying truth that the phras that he said was from an Erik Estrada movie.
Coming Soon.jpg 14 163 "Hi, School" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller February 23, 2005 714
Doug returns to his old high school to deliver a package to his high school football coach (Burt Reynolds) and gets embroiled in an embarrasing situation at a sports rally for the football team.
Coming Soon.jpg 15 164 "Deconstructing Carrie" Michelle Nader Rob Schiller March 2, 2005 715
Carrie's 35th birthday is coming up, and so, she begins to worry about how she looks as she gets older. To cheer her up, Doug gets some construction workers to ogle at and yell filthy things at her.
Coming Soon.jpg 16 165 "Black List" Rob Schiller David Bickel & Michael J. Weithorn March 16, 2005 716
Doug realizes Deacon's new best friend is just a black version of himself.
Coming Soon.jpg 17 166 "Wish Boned" David Bickel & Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller March 30, 2005 717
Carrie gets Doug to take Arthur on a recently won game tickets and trip to St. Louis after they make a deal that he never has to do anything with him any more. Everything goes wrong though when they are diverted to Pittsburgh then Dayton, Ohio. 
Coming Soon.jpg 18 167 "Van Go" Tom Hertz Mark Cendrowski April 6, 2005 718
Carrie gets Holly to go with her to Lowe's secretly because of her large van. A masculine waitress at a restaurant frightens Doug. Arthur and George pull a casino party to earn some extra cash which ends up backfiring. 
Coming Soon.jpg 19 168 "Ice Cubed" Liz Astrof Aronauer & Michelle Nader Rob Schiller April 13, 2005 719
During a snow storm: Carrie gets an iPod for free after a cashier is busy talking on the phone and accidentally does not scan it, but Carrie's guilty conscience gets the best of her; Arthur staying at Holly's because of the weather ruins a visit with her boyfriend; Doug is forced to stay with an Asian couple which turns out to be a copy of him and Carrie. 
7x20 - Catching Hell - Doug bumps into Joyce Robbins.png 20 169 "Catching Hell" Chris Downey Rob Schiller April 20, 2005 720
Carrie tries to impress a client (Concetta Tomei) at a ball game but Doug keeps screwing it up. So she pretends that Spence is her husband instead. Holly's gay uncle (Hal Linden) becomes a hit at Arthur's party, making Arthur jealous. 
Coming Soon.jpg 21 170 "Slippery Slope" Chris Downey & Rock Reuben Rob Schiller May 9, 2005 721
Doug and Carrie go skiing however the trip comes with a catch, a time-share meeting. Danny and Spence also go on the trip pretending to be life partners to get a free weekend.
Coming Soon.jpg 22 171 "Buy Curious" Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller May 18, 2005 725
The death of Doug and Carrie's neighbor leads them to contemplate entering the world of real estate flipping, but they suspect Lou Ferrigno is out to quash their dreams.