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King of Queens: Season 9
Season 9 DVD box cover
First episode aired:
"Mama Cast", aired December 6, 2006
Season/Series finale aired:
"China Syndrome, Parts 1 & 2", aired May 14, 2007
Episodes aired:
13 aired during Season
Previous Season:
Season 8
Next Season:
None - end of series
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The Season 9 guide contains the episode listing for the ninth and final season of King of Queens after Season 8. The first episode of the season, Mama Cast, premiered on December 6, 2006. The series last episode was the second of a two episode series finale story, China Syndrome, where Doug and Carrie adopt a child from China, and Carrie finds out that she is also pregnant, which was aired on May 14, 2007.


Episode Guide[]

Season 9 (2006–2007)[]

Season 9 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod. code
Episode 9x1 - Mama Cast - Doug the Ice Cream Man.png 1 195 "Mama Cast" Mike Soccio & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller December 6, 2006 901
Doug invests their tax return in an ice cream truck. Initially cold to the idea of Doug driving a truck on the side (his main career being an IPS truck driver), Carrie warms up when she sees how excited he is about the prospect. Meanwhile, Carrie plays the mom in a model home family, causing her to yearn for a real family of her own.
Episode 9x2 - Affair Trade - Carrie confronts Doug.jpg 2 196 "Affair Trade" Rock Rueben & Dennis Regan Rob Schiller December 6, 2006 902
Doug receives suggestive phone messages from a woman (Leigh-Allyn Baker) who thinks she spent a weekend with him at the beach, so he must hide the messages from Carrie while he tries to let the woman know she has the wrong man.
Episode 9x3 - Moxie Moron - Doug as boss.jpg 3 197 "Moxie Moron" Liz Astrof Aronauer & Owen Ellickson Rob Schiller December 13, 2006 903
Doug becomes the interim boss at IPS, but pretty much does the worst job imaginable. One of Carrie's co-workers "steals her moxie" so she vows to become more noticeable at her job. The plan backfires when she realizes there are downsides to getting noticed.
Coming Soon.jpg 4 198 "Major Disturbance" Rock Rueben & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller December 13, 2006 904
Doug tells Major a scary bedtime story while he and Carrie are visiting the Palmer family. Deacon and Kelly now can't leave on their prepaid vacation because Major is scared to be around Doug due to the scary bedtime story he told. Carrie is happy because not only  don't they have to watch the kids Kelly offers them the prepaid vacation. Doug tries to make it up to Major by renting a clown suit. Carrie tries to stop him.
Coming Soon.jpg 5 199 "Ruff Goin" David Bickel & Chris Downey Rob Schiller December 20, 2006 905
Doug adopts a dog, but when the dog begins to take after Doug and Arthur, Carrie quickly grows tired of having three lazy boys hanging around the house. Trying to get rid of the dog proves useless until a very interesting buyer steps up.
Coming Soon.jpg 6 200 "Brace Yourself" David Bickel & Chris Downey Rob Schiller January 3, 2007 906
Major's drawing of Arthur makes him self-conscious to the point of asking Doug and Carrie for braces for his teeth. Doug and Carrie are reluctant to say yes. Meanwhile, Spence loses his job in the subway so Kelly hires him to help out around their house.
Coming Soon.jpg 7 201 "Home Cheapo" Liz Astrof Aronauer & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller April 9, 2007 907
Carrie is upset when she learns that Deacon and Kelly bought a vacation house. She believes they were able to afford it because they are cheap and freeload off of her and Doug. Elsewhere, Arthur gives job-hunting tips to Spence.
Coming Soon.jpg 8 202 "Offensive Fowl" David Bickel & Chris Downey Rob Schiller April 16, 2007 908
Doug becomes a vegetarian after hitting, and nearly killing, a chicken with his IPS truck. Carrie quickly tires of having to eat meat in private because of Doug forcing his new beliefs onto her.
Coming Soon.jpg 9 203 "Mild Bunch" Liz Astrof Aronauer & Owen Ellickson Rob Schiller April 23, 2007 909
At his high school reunion, Doug and Jeff Sussman (Adam Sandler), an old classmate who is now a vice principal plot revenge on their principal. Meanwhile, Carrie and Arthur try hard to find a movie to watch which they will both enjoy.
Coming Soon.jpg 10 204 "Manhattan Project" Rock Rueben Rob Schiller April 30, 2007 910
Carrie wants to move to an apartment in Manhattan, but Doug wants to stay in Queens. Their impasse makes them realize they have very different ideas about their future, with Carrie ultimately moving to the apartment without Doug. Meanwhile at the senior center, Arthur encounters an old singer (Lainie Kazan) whom he trains and eventually becomes engaged to.
Coming Soon.jpg 11 205 "Single Spaced" Story by: Ilana Wernick
Teleplay by: David Bickel & Chris Downey
Rob Schiller May 7, 2007 911
Doug and Carrie consider adopting a baby after they get marriage counseling from their priest and run into friends who recently had a child. But, while Doug holds up his end of the bargain and gets a new job, Carrie secretly keeps the apartment.
Coming Soon.jpg 12 206 "China Syndrome (Part 1)" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller May 14, 2007 912
Series Finale: Doug, having discovered that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city, tells her that he wants a divorce. Carrie wants to stay together and plans to go to China to pick up their adopted child. Also, Arthur's bride leaves him just before the wedding, believing that he was gay the whole time. At the last minute, Arthur asks Spence's mother to marry him. First part of two-episode story.
Coming Soon.jpg 13 207 "China Syndrome (Part 2)" Michael J. Weithorn Rob Schiller May 14, 2007 913
Series Finale: In the second part of the two-episode finale, Doug and Carrie race to China, each attempting to claim their baby before the other. On the way, they reconcile. Carrie finds out after adopting that she is pregnant, and she is overwhelmed. A flash forward to a year later shows a messy, hectic household with both Doug and Carrie struggling to care for two small children, when Arthur suddenly returns because his marriage does not work out.