Spencer Olchin in Season 3


Spencer Olchin


February 14, 1965


Token Booth Worker

Played by

Patton Oswald

Episodes appeared in

Seasons 1-9


Danny Heffernan

Spencer "Spence" Olchin was Doug's only friend in kindergarten, and originally worked in the subway as a token taker before the advent of MetroCards in the early 2000s. He originally lived with his mom Veronica, but would eventually move in with Danny Heffernan in Season 7.

Spence is portrayed by Patton Oswalt.


He tends to be paranoid with fragile health and takes an interest in science fiction, fantasy movies, and comic book conventions—interests that his friends do not share. Spence's birthday is February 14. He is of Albanian heritage, and works as a subway token booth clerk. He moved to the New York area from rural West Virginia. In one episode, he is a "house boy" for Deacon and Kelly. His character is based largely on the actor who plays him, Patton Oswalt. Spence demonstrates intelligence and competence in a variety of pursuits, but he is haunted by his family history, his intimidating and troubled mother, and his inability to protect himself. Numerous episodes mention that Spence is asthmatic (a burden he shares with Danny) and allergic to peanuts (however, in the episode "Richie's Song" he is seen eating Peanut M&M's out of Doug's vehicle). In the season eight episode "Hartford Wailer", Spence is said to be from Ottawa. He has a Pug named Alan. In the series' penultimate episode, "Single Spaced", Spence shows interest in romancing Carrie when it appears she and Doug will divorce.